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Sanctuary Nutrition is a private practice nutrition clinic based in Cambridge, New Zealand, with the goal of delivering high quality nutritional advice to support and empower people to live healthier, happier lives. At Sanctuary Nutrition we take a holistic approach to health, looking not just at your diet, but at your entire lifestyle so together we can design a personalised plan for success.



Our mission at Sanctuary Nutrition is to inspire, motivate and educate our clients to pursue a healthful life through optimum nutrition. Our approach is founded on evidence-based Medical Nutrition Therapy to promote healthy outcomes in accordance with an individual's nutritional requirements and medical history. We don't believe in strict meal plans - life is for living! We focus instead on creating healthy and sustainable behaviours so that you can live your fullest and healthiest life.





MSc Nutrition & Dietetics

Hi! I'm Stacey, Director and Dietitian at Sanctuary Nutrition. Born and bred in Cambridge, I have recently returned to share my knowledge as an NZ Registered Dietitian to improve the nutritional health of the people of my home town.

My vision is for Sanctuary Nutrition to support clients in finding a safe and healing relationship with food and nutrition. As a dietitian I translate the latest scientific research on nutritional health into practical advice to help clients make sustainable changes in their diet to promote optimum nutrition and achieve their personal health goals.

When I'm not seeing clients, you can find me strolling the farmers markets with my husband Sean, playing with our dogs Shiloh and Loki, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen!