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  • Stacey Senior

Plastic Free July + Nutrition?

We are now firmly into the seventh month of the year, formerly known as plain old 'July', but now commonly known as 'Plastic Free July'. Millions of people are currently taking part in Plastic Free July - a genius initiative established to generate awareness about the growing problem of plastic waste and to educate people about adopting more sustainable practices. "But wait, as great as this concept is for the environment, what does it Plastic Free July have to do with nutrition?" I hear you ask. Read on to find out! The planet AND your body will thank you for it!

The key concept behind Plastic Free July is 'choosing to refuse' single-use plastics. This includes refusing plastic wrapped ready meals, take out and snack foods, meaning you end up eating less processed foods and by default end up eating more whole foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as nuts, grains and seeds readily available in bulk.

These 'plastic free friendly' dietary changes mean you will be swapping high calorie, low nutrient foods for high nutrient, lower calorie foods. Better for the environment and better for your waistline -it's a win-win!

Additionally, shopping at farmers markets to avoid plastic wrapped whole foods results in eating local, seasonal produce. This means not only is the food super fresh, straight from farm to table, but seasonal fruit and vegetables picked in their prime are actually better quality and contain more nutrients than produce picked early and artificially ripened during shipping. So not only have you prevented yet another unnecessary piece of plastic from hitting the landfill, and reduced your carbon footprint by buying local, but you are actually getting better nutritional 'bang for your buck' from your food.

So there we go folks, joining the Plastic Free July movement is not only great for the health of the planet, but great for the health of your body! What are you waiting for? Get onboard with this amazing movement now!

Until next time,

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