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5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Healthiest 2019!

New Year's resolutions are well known for people starting the latest restrictive fad diet and vowing to follow a strict intense exercise routine, but how long does all of this really last? Come February, many people have already "fallen off the wagon" and fallen back into perhaps not-so-healthy habits, accompanied by feelings of guilt or failure for not being able to keep to their resolutions.

This year, why not take a gentler and more sustainable approach to achieving your health goals by adopting these 5 New Year's resolutions to make 2019 your healthiest year yet!

1. Eat MORE of the right foods

Ditch the diet in 2019! Say "goodbye" to restrictive diets, fad diets and diet plans encouraging you to cut entire foods groups that leave you tired and 'hangry' (hungry & angry). Instead, focus on eating MORE of the right foods. More nutrient rich fruit and vegetables, more high-fibre wholegrain carbohydrates instead of refined carbohydrates, more fermented foods for gut health, more food from plants and less foods from a box.

2. Don't forget to hydrate

Proper hydration is key to support many processes in our bodies including digestion, detoxification and temperature regulation (especially important during our hot NZ summers!). But are YOU getting enough fluid throughout your day? Even mild dehydration can make us feel tired and sluggish, and thirst is often mistaken for hunger! Aim to drink 8-10 glasses of fluid per day - water is best but herbal teas, low-fat milk, & sugar-free cordial are ok too.

3. Move your body in ways you enjoy

Daily exercise is important to keep our heart healthy and our muscles strong, but if you're forcing yourself into gruelling workouts you just don't enjoy, it won't stick. In 2019, why not choose to move your body in ways you enjoy - this could be yoga, dancing, martial arts, team sports or long romantic walks on the beach... you get the drift - it doesn't matter so much WHAT you do, just get moving. You will be much more likely to stick to your 2019 exercise goals if you're having fun while you do it! Bonus points for enlisting a friend to not only get healthier together, but to help to keep each other accountable.

4. Slow it down

Have you ever noticed how long it takes you to eat a meal? These days, many of us are so busy that we wolf down our meals in record speed, or we are so distracted by catching up on the latest episode of a Netflix series that we barely take notice of the foods we are eating. This eating behaviour can really wreak havoc on our digestion and on our health, making it easy to overeat and leaving us out of touch with our body's hunger and satiety cues. In 2019, make a goal to slow down your mealtimes, really chew your food properly, and be mindful of using all of your senses to really enjoy your food and notice when your body is telling you it's full.

5. Be kinder to yourself

How many times have you beaten yourself up for eating cake at a colleague's birthday morning tea or for 'indulging' in dessert on a dinner date out because these foods don't feature in your latest fad diet's 'safe food' list? Or how many times have you become stuck in a cycle of breaking your restrictive diet, feeling guilty and then binge eating comfort foods? Well enough is enough! Make 2019 the year you are kinder to yourself! Push the 'Nutrition Reset Button' and move on! Life is for living! And cake and dessert can certainly feature as part of a healthy diet - it's about creating healthy eating habits which nourish not only your body, but also your soul.

If you want to learn more about the concepts discussed in this article and are ready to take a more sustainable approach to making 2019 your healthiest year ever, contact me or book your appointment with Sanctuary Nutrition now!

Until next time,

Stacey x

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