August 27, 2018

Get it?! Iron, man - Iron Man! As in Tony Stark! But in all seriousness...

This week marks the start of World Iron Awareness Week 2018 (27 August - 2 September), and although iron deficiency can often be thought of as something that affects people without access to nut...

July 23, 2018

How many times have you set nutrition goals only to lose motivation or come across a barrier and not achieve them? This happens to all of us! But I have the solution! And it is SMART! SMART goals that is.

The SMART goal method helps you to get precise about what it is y...

July 16, 2018

We are now firmly into the seventh month of the year, formerly known as plain old 'July', but now commonly known as 'Plastic Free July'. Millions of people are currently taking part in Plastic Free July - a genius initiative established to generate awareness about the...

July 12, 2018

This black forest breakfast parfait is the stuff breakfast dreams are made of! Crunchy cacao granola, lush coconut yoghurt, sweet cherry chia jam and the textural divinity of vanilla chia pudding combine to make this the ultimate luxury breakfast. AND its refined sugar...

July 9, 2018

When it comes to making positive dietary changes to improve health and wellbeing many people enlist the help of a nutritional health professional, such as a dietitian or a nutritionist. Both dietitians and nutritionists work to support people in making sustainable chan...

July 5, 2018

This salad is good! And I mean not just good-good, but REALLY good. Not only is this salad packed full of fibre, protein and antioxidants, but it can be prepared and on the table in just over half an hour! Perfect for a quick, easy and HEALTHY weeknight dinner. Added b...

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